EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) – Since 2005, Lisa Buchholz of Kansas City has gone on medical mission trips around the world as a pharmacist. While on the trips, she quickly recognized the crucial need for feminine care products in the developing world.

“When you start looking at when they don’t have the proper supplies or access to the products they need, the first thing that can be affected is their attendance in school,” Lisa said.

To help, Lisa’s sister Jessica Buchholz, of Emporia, created the Facebook group and non-profit, “Rounding Up Undies” to raise donations and create feminine care kits for her sister’s mission trips with One Global Village.

“Each of the kits comes in a hand-sewn drawstring bag, sewed by volunteers. The fabric is donated. Within the bags, we have a gallon zip-lock bag that has 3 pairs of underwear, a washcloth, a whistle for safety, and some pens, because school supplies are hard to come by,” Jessica said. “There’s also the GeoCare Kit, that has the reusable hygiene pads, and also a couple of bars of soap.”

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