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Giocare is a feminine hygiene product that has a registered trademark. It is designed by Mr.S.Damodaran, Founder and CEO, Gramalaya. It’s being manufactured and marketed by GREAT (Gramalaya Entrepreneurs Association of Tamilnadu) Pvt Ltd
Gramalaya has worked with adolescent girls in the Government schools of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with the grant support under CSR Initiatives of Corporates for menstrual hygiene and girls-friendly toilets promotion in schools. Since the adolescent girls in schools are not aware of menstrual hygiene practices which is one of the main reasons for school dropout or absence during school hours is the “Menstrual periods”. Looking at the sufferings of adolescent girls and women, Gramalaya decided to make a menstrual product that’s Women Friendly, Pocket Friendly and Environment Friendly. This is how Giocare is born ( formerly known as feelfree )
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