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  • COD available all over India

Top 10 Brands That Make Eco-friendly Sanitary Pads

Sustainability is holistic, and in today’s day and age eco-friendly sanitary napkins are the need of the hour.

What if we told you that a menstruating lady alone, generates about 60kg of plastic every year? How? By using sanitary napkins.

Of the approximately 336 million menstruating women in the country, about 121 million use sanitary pads. Can you imagine the amount of plastic being generated, year after year?

Luckily today, sustainable sanitary napkins are a reality. They are skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and yes, leakage proof! Here we list 10 brands that make them.  


The brand name means God’s Gracious Gift’ and it uses reusable cloth to make sanitary pads that are cost-effective. These pads do not contain any chemicals, perfumes, or adhesives. It is designed by Mr S Damodaran, the Founder and CEO, Gramalaya, a feminine hygiene product Giocare. This product with a registered trademark is manufactured by GREAT (Gramalaya Entrepreneurs Association of Tamil Nadu) Pvt Ltd.

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