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Want to feel like an angel? Want to feel free?

Then you must try Giocare reusable cloth pads (formerly known as feel free cloth pads). It’s designed especially for you.
Yeah! You.

What is Giocare?

Gio is an Italian Word meaning “God’s Gracious Gift”. Giocare means a care that’s the gracious gift of god for women. Giocare Reusable cloth pads are designed to absorb the menstrual flow during a women’s period. These pads are a type of washable and reusable feminine hygiene product, and are an alternative to single use disposable sanitary napkins, tampons and other menstrual products.

Ever wondered about the dots around the name in Giocare’s Logo?

It’s time to discover…Basically there are four phases in your menstrual cycle. They are the menstrual phase, the follicular phase, the ovulation phase and the luteal phase. The four colour in the dots defines the four stages of your menstrual cycle.”

What is our Vision and Mission?


Creating awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Management and practices among adolescent girls and women in India.


  • Promoting reusable cloth pads to protect our environment and health of women.
  • Improving the living standard and dignity of women.
  • Educate, Empower and Emancipate women from menstrual problems.

Why reusable cloth pads ?

Reusable cloth pads for Health benefits

We wanted to create an alternative for use and throw sanitary pad which is free from unsafe chemicals, pesticides, perfumes and adhesives, that’s why we designed washable and Reusable cloth pads. That’s why most of our Customers says “Reusable cloth pads are the best alternative for disposable sanitary napkins”

Reusable cloth pads for Economic benefits

We wanted to design a menstrual product that’s good for women’s health as well as her wallet. So we designed Giocare reusable cloth pads that are economically cheaper comparing to all other menstrual products that you used before. This helps you to save up to 1000- 2000 Rupees per year, if you switch to reusable cloth pads.

Reusable cloth pads for Environmental benefits

We believe that each and every one of us, who are born in this earth is responsible for the wellness of the earth .We treat this earth as our mother and we call her as “Mother earth”. But what is the point of dumping menstrual waste on someone whom we call as mother.

The disposable sanitary napkins will take 500- 600 years to decompose (A used sanitary napkin stays on earth even after the death of the women who used that). While the reusable cloth pads will take only few time to decompose.

Who are we?

Giocare is a feminine hygiene product that has a registered trademark. It is designed by Mr.S.Damodaran, Founder and CEO, Gramalaya. It’s being manufactured and marketed by GREAT (Gramalaya Entrepreneurs Association of Tamilnadu) Pvt Ltd.

Gramalaya has worked with adolescent girls in the Government schools of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with the grant support under CSR Initiatives of Corporates for menstrual hygiene and girls-friendly toilets promotion in schools.  Since the adolescent girls in schools are not aware of menstrual hygiene practices which is one of the main reasons for school dropout or absence during school hours is the “Menstrual periods”.  Looking at the sufferings of adolescent girls and women, we decided to make a menstrual product that’s Women Friendly, Pocket Friendly and Environment Friendly. This is how the idea of cloth pads are innovated (Giocare cloth pads are formerly known as Feelfree).

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