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Plastic-free Periods!

Giocare Reusable Cloth pads are Pocket-friendly, Eco-friendly and Women-friendly

Unique Shape

Leak Free

Long Lasting


At Giocare, We understand how it feels during menstruation. Everyone deserves a comfortable period product that does not cause any discomfort, stress and irritability during menstruation times. Reusable cloth pads can be the answer to your monthly quests. Reusable cloth pads prevents our body from exposing to harmful single use sanitary napkins/ tampons every month. One person can prevent an average of 144 kilograms of menstrual waste from polluting our Air, land, water ways and our environment at large by switching to cloth pads, that also helps to save money spent every month to buy period products.

Try our period waste calculator and know how much you can save from switching to reusable cloth pads!

About Us

Gramalaya has worked with adolescent girls in the Government schools of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with the grant support of Corporates under CSR Initiatives for menstrual hygiene management and girls-friendly toilets promotion in schools. During the hygiene education sessions, “Menstrual periods” is found to be one of the main reasons for dropouts or absence during school hours. The adolescent girls in schools are not aware of menstrual hygiene products, practices and the importance of menstrual hygiene management. Sufferings of adolescent girls& women and the drive to end them, motivated to make a menstrual product that’s Women Friendly, Pocket Friendly and Environment Friendly. This is how the idea of cloth pads are innovated (Giocare cloth pads are formerly known as Feelfree).

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Giocare reusable cloth pads is an Initiative by Gramalaya under Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Gramalaya focuses on five pillars of sanitation such as Safe Drinking Water, Sustainable Sanitation, Personal Hygiene, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and Nutrition.

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