I was looking for a good reusable pad and am happy I came across this brand. They are well made, really comfortable, soft, absorbent is really good, not leak prone and stays in place. Loved the packing it came with.
From my experience this is one of the best reusable pad.. Cost is less compared to other sellers.

Amazon Customer

Go for these

These are worth the money. If you are looking forward to buy cloth pads these are good and thick. Packaging was also impressive, they are lengthy and can be used both in both day and night. The hook to hold the pad is really helpful u can shift the pad as per requirement. It dries up quickly so no worries. I ll definitely recommend.


The feel is good as compared to disposable sanitary pads.

Before using was quite doubtful about the product. Very much satisfied after using. No tension of leakage. Soaking in cold water n detergent makes it easy to wash off stains. Feels good, airy n comfortable.

Anuradha Patil

Go eco friendly

I highly recommend that this one is the best eco friendly and comfortable cloth pads.yeah if you are looking forward this product is good choice for u when compared to other brands this is good one.


Just go for it without thinking !! It’s perfect for you.

I was so confused while purchasing cloth pads. This was first time and i chose Feelfree after reading reviews. I am quite impressed with packaging and pads. Not small not big but perfect size. 4 pads with this quality only in Rs.350 is just wow !! Ladies go for it without doubting !! Thanks Feelfree. 💚✌

Meghna panchal

Very good product

I’m using it for the first time, it’s comfortable, absorbs really well, sometimes it would turn and you need to adjust its position on your underwear. It is time consuming to wash and dry but it’s worth that you’ll be taking care of your health and economically saving money as well as our environment.


No more staining

I have extremely heavy flow, so I use this as an extra layer of protection in addition to my regular pads. Of course, two layers of padding isn’t exactly comfortable but it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind at not having to worry about staining your dress. Earlier, I used to dread stepping out of the house during periods, so I can assure you these things are life savers. I’m really happy with this purchase. Thanks to the makers for this wonderful product

Sowmya R

Really good.

Really really good in all terms. Had width. Suits me. Absorbency is good. Easy to wash and dries quickly also. So happy that my start of cloth pad journey was with this product. 🙂

Amazon Customer

Go for it!

VERY absorbent and comfortable. A good length as well. The only headache is the washing part which takes a bit of time to attain proper sterility. It obviously gets rougher with every wash but nothing too bad. Even with all the inconveniences, I still prefer this over the regular, chemical laden, one time use pads for my sake as well as the environment.

Amazon Customer

Eco friendly And cost effective for long term.

It’s really soft and eco friendly. Though bit costly but Cheaper compared to normal sanitary napkins, in long run. I can only give honest reviews after usages. I have bought two sets. Each set contains four pads, a wet bag and some leaflets.

Shivani Sharma

Nice product

I like it a lot. Although I find it a bit difficult to use cloth pads after using synthetic pads for a long time but you get used to it. The product is of good quality. But one should follow the washing instructions carefully if you want them to last long.


Just go for it!!!

Loved it. Wont be going back to the normal pads now. Its so comfortable and easy to clean with 0 mess for me. Have used it on my 2nd n 3rd day of my period on which I get heavy flows.. I have found it more comfortable. I would love to promote it if given a chance and suggest it to everyone as well. A great step to be ecofriendly, ergonomic and also economic friendly . As cloth pads last 3yrs – 5yrs if taken proper care.😊😊


madhurima r.

Comfy, convenient and budget friendly.

These are so comfortable and convenient to use. Compared to the other brands, this one seems very economical and of great quality. I would recommend buying 2 sets of 4 pads for better management for people who can’t instantly wash and dry the pads. Loved the product!


Excellent 👌

💯 recommended!! This is super soft comfy and absorbs exactly like disposable pads. disposable ones are actually plastic included and sometimes give rashes on your sides ..this one is for rescue.! I didn’t think cloth pads absorbs this much . Super satisfied. And i never go back to disposable ones..

Lekshmipriya k

The best cloth pad ever! Total value for money!

Loved these colorful cloth pads, the material used is excellent….I bought them for using them on days of light menstrual and especially as panty liners. Even though they are thicker then normal panty liners, no complaints. I’m definitely buying more in future. Thank you to the manufacturer and Amazon.

Amazon Customer


A very good absorbable pad indeed! I have been using it for past 2 months and it’s really amazing! Much comfortable even for heavy flow! It also dries quickly!
Such an wonderful comfortable pad ever!


Eco-friendly comfy cloth pads

We ladies don’t have to complain about plastic-coated pads being expensive. Cloth pads was always the norm and should still be and is the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly way. Which is why I turned to using these, and these are very comfortable and long lasting.

Afrah Ahamad

Eco friendly but needs direct sunlight and more water.

Definitely an eco friendly product. But it needs lot of water to clean it. It needs proper sunlight to dry, otherwise stinks. If you have a medium flow, you can use it for 5-6 hours, the absorption is good. It is comfortable too if you wear it with a proper sized panty. Don’t go for it if you do not get direct sunlight to dry it as it takes time to dry.

Aparna Dinesh

Awesome purchase..

Amazing product.. very comfortable.. dry it in direct sunlight and wash it properly according to instructions given on packet. you will not get rashes with this like disposable pads.. easy to use. But just buy it in more quantity because sometimes like in rainy season it will take time to dry them..


Satisfied with the product

The pads take a lot of time to dry in rainy season but I am sure in other seasons it won’t be a problem. The best part is they are 1000 times better than other cloth pads and we are doing our bit in helping the environment. I do feel it would be great if the thickness of pads is reduced.


One amazing product

I have never written reviews for any products, but this was great. I have very heavy flow on the first 3days and this was the first time I didn’t stain my outer clothes and bed. Thank you Feel free and Amazon for this wonderful product. I don’t feel guilty anymore for harming the environment. Go for it ladies

Sharu S M

Worth a buy!!

I’ve been using disposable pads for decades and wanted to make this switch. I was apprehensive about the soaking capacity. But I’m impressed that it handled the flow even on my 2nd day. And washing is easy and doesn’t leave stains on the cloth. Drying takes a couple of days if you don’t have direct stark sunlight. But otherwise a very good buy. Go for it!

Amazon Customer

Great product. 😊

Trust me Folks……Really great…Best and comfortable…
Though I have used so called organic napkins all…It all caused irritation and rashes..
For the first time I am feeling comfortable, no irritation and Rashes…My flow is normal….And I feel it best suits for me…Not sure for heavy flow though…

Amazon Customer

Reusable Clothpads, Perfect and worth it.

I have been using it since last year, it’s completely worth it. Packaging perfect. There’s a wet pouch along. The quality is excellent.
PS: Newbies trying to switch from sanitary pads to sustainable, give it a shot. (But remember you’d have to go extra mile washing it). Good luck!
My tip would be please don’t wash with running hot water and it’s not reversible, so don’t try that, I did that following one of the reviews and ended up in trouble.


Is a good replacement for panty liners.

It’s easy to use & if you change every 12 hrs gives a fresh dry feeling. I am happy that I don’t need to use disposable panty liners anymore.
Personally I feel It’s a little bulky but not really complaining….. Serves the purpose very well.


Really Comfy and Long Lasting

I wanted to become eco-friendly and stop using non-biodegradable disposable pads so I bought it. And I must say that I am really, REALLY SATISFIED with them. They are thick, lightweight, washable and has high absorption capability. And another perk was that they sent a free ziplock bag to travel with them. I am content. 😀

Deblina Roy

Great overall experience!

I’ve been using cloth pads that were made by me from old cottons for a while now. So I thought nothing would surprise me more. However these cotton pads are the bomb. Right from the pouch, wet pouch, the pads I have no complaints. Unlike plastic pads I didn’t have to worry checking at nights because we fit well & stay out. Just a bit of a problem I had was with drying. Since I stay in Uttarakhand & we’re having rains throughout it could be 24-30 hours to dry 1 cloth pad. Overall excellent experience!

Sonakshi S

great product for girls/women

after many online researches i bought it for my wife….it is a wonderful product for women….no unease feeling…no rash…no bad smell….no feeling of having something between legs…super comfortable…..high absorption capacity….& the most important fact is that it is one time purchase…u buy it once, & use it for 4~5 yrs if properly maintained…. and another great benefit is no environmental pollution… my wife wash it with ease after soaking it into cold water for hour


Highly appreciate the quality maintained for the product

I really like the shape and size which is comfortable while using. easy to wash. No stains after wash. The product is helpful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also do our bit for the nature.


Loved it.. and regretwhy i don’t purchase them earlier

No itching, no need to change frequently as plastic pads (whisper, sofy etc.) Absolutely worth to buy 4more pieces soon.. I never thought that reusable cotton pads would be as wonderful as these to me. I don’t know is this connected or not, but i feel lesser pain during periods with these pads. Loved them really..

Amazon Customer

Save environment

Hi I usually never write a review. But after opening I really surprised because along with cloth pads I got nice small carry bag but after opening I surprised with this small bag and I wanted to switch to cloth pads to be part of saving environment

Amazon Customer

The best alternative for pads

Bought them as a conscious decision to avoid the plastic waste & the harm caused to the nature from pads. Have been using these from quite a few months it is comfortable and rash free. Highly recommend them for those opting to swift from pads & not used to menstrual cups either. But the only drawback of these cloth pads are they take a lot of time to completely dry & the foul smell to vanish. Not suitable for rainy seasons.


Comfy and environment friendly

It’s my first time switching to cloth pads, and I must say these are very much comfortable and easy to use. I find them better than the sanitary pads I used to use. I would highly recommend them.


Must try, worth to buy.

Must try as a go green initiative to reduce waste generation. Leak proof. Good to avoid skin rashes and irritation.
Difficult to dry in a day in rainy season otherwise overall best product.


worth it

– Using the cloth pads as a backup with the cup is the best idea.
– the material, finishing, look and feel is all satisfying
– only catch is that the thickness slows down the drying of the pad. So if you wish to use the cloth pads throughout your cycle, 4 pads may not be sufficient depending on the weather in our area.

Amazon Customer

Just grab it

O my god honestly It’s very very useful each pad contains different color inside nd out. Just perfect size shape nd thickness. So happy to have it i would definitely buy more.


Happy with the switch to cloth pads

Switched to cloth pads due to allergy to disposable pads. On use felt comfortable and no more allergic problems. Well stitched and cloth of good soft quality. Dries fast in strong sunlight. And environment friendly too.


Eco-friendly, good quality and worth the money…!!!

Received this fabulous product today…!!! The fabric is soft and smooth to touch which says a lot about the quality making it skin friendly. You will also get instructions on how to care for the product. The pads come in a strong cloth pouch. You will also find a small pouch inside this big one for travel use.

Sowmya M

Great quality and environmental friendly

Switching over to this reusable cloth was the best decision. Extremely skin friendly and very comfortable to use, I needed only 2 in a day even with heavy flow. No leak/staining whatsoever, which would sometimes happen even with extra-large disposable pads. The manufacturer advised to wash with just plain cold water, for which I was sceptical at first. But the cloth felt like new after the wash. It does take 36 hrs or more to dry completely. So for very heavy flow, better to get enough number of pads. This was the first time I used cloth and I can definitely say, I’m never switching back.


Fulfilled! Thank you giocare.

Recently I changed to cloth pads, searched many n filtered to Giocare (of course my state product). Really worthy and rash free. Initially, felt little scared but after using it much better than normal market pads. Money save, tension free. Leak proof so no tension in night. Please go for it, it’s must for every women to change from sterilized pads to cloth pad.

Brindha K

Must buy for those looking out for irritation free period product

Very good product.
Comfortable and easy to use.
Does not cause irritation like normal sanitary napkins.
Definitely worth the money.. And eco-friendly.

Amazon Customer

Worth it love it!!

It’s worth it and easy to use. It gives me the sense of accomplishment of saving earth every time I use it. thanks for making this product.

Richa Aggarwal

Good product for healthy living…

It is very nice. I am using this product for the past six months. Heavy flow days also it absorbs without leakage.
If u want healthy living u go for this. Washing also easy then our old cloth method. It will not fall from our body during usage because of tight hook….


Good quality product.

Very good quality product. Good Thickness and material. Only problem is during rainy season difficult to dry as is very thick. That’s why 4 star. Otherwise no issues. Very comfortable.


This is the best for heavy flow. I used to change at least 4 to 5 pads during day time. After using this quite comfortable and absolutely no leak at all. Good one. Go for it without 2nd thought in mind.


Awesome product, very comfortable and friendly. Usually I get rashes when i use pads n it’s so disgusting coz of which i started hating my periods days due to the sanitary pads but now when I’ve received this I’m happy and feel free…
Amazing product


Happy with the product!

Pretty good cloth pads! They’re thick and absorb quite well, I experienced no leakage. I like the colours I received. Washing them is not so difficult, take hours to dry but overall pretty good. Glad to switch to cloth pads.

Amazon Customer

Wonderful product

Earlier i thought i spent so much of money for this product but later i felt its worth it. Very comfortable, easy to wash, stain free after wash and the best replacement of sanitary pads, not painful at all. Both for heavy and mild flow. You just have to soak it in detergent for half an hour or so and clean it with water. Maintains hygiene. I am happy with the product. Thank you

Gira Patel

Totally best thing you can buy

Ordered by my partner, I don’t have a uterus 😊 hence no opinion.
Her review: she loves them. Recommended.
They do absorb a lot, are very comfortable and easy to use.

bhuvan r.

Love this product. Soft cloth. Easy to wash.
I place 3-4 all around the underwear at night to make sure I don’t stain.
It’s dicey because there’s only one center button to hold it in place. So it can shift and you’ll end up staining. I wear them only at home.
But these are really good quality and doesn’t chaff. Any day better than disposable.


Very nicely packed and the material is very soft as it is made of pure cotton. A must recommend product for all the women for healthy periods and to maintain good hygiene.


I have cloth pads from other companies. These are the best in terms of absorbency and comfort. Some people complain that they are too big. I don’t have that complaint. I guess it’s because I’m bigger than the average Indian woman, so that makes a difference.

Iris Gomes
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