Period Waste Calculator

Have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of Disposable sanitary napkins? One disposable pad is equal to 4 plastic bags and it takes 500- 800 years to decompose. Answer the following questions by dragging the slider below and calculate your period waste to learn about the big impact of your small choice.  

By choosing reusable cloth pads, you can prevent thousands of disposable sanitary napkins from polluting the environment and save a big amount of your money from spending on Trash. Reusable pads will not only protect the environment and save your money, but they will also protect your health which is important than anything.  

“Switch to reusable cloth pads! Your body deserves the best!” 

Did You Know?

On an average a woman uses 4 pads during a day

  • If the average length of a woman’s period is 5 days, she uses 20 pads per month, which is 240 pads per year.
  • That means 240 pads in 40 years is 9600 pads(A woman menstruates from the age of 11- 51, for 40 years approx.)  
  • 9600 pads * 15 grams= 144000 grams of waste is produced by a women during her lifetime, that is 144 kilograms of waste (Weight of a disposable sanitary pad is 12 gram; used pad weight up to 15 gram approx.). They might probably end up in landfills, rivers, streams and even oceans where they pose a serious threat to animals if they try to consume it. Disposal by burning of sanitary napkins is carcinogenic and can leak out into the atmosphere. The process of manufacturing these disposables also pollutes our waterways, air and animal habitats. Switching to reusable cloth pads can make a change.

Let’s make the earth a greener, better and safer place to live!

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