Reusable sanitary pads: Cotton and fibre pads for eco-friend

If you are making an eco-friendly switch for your menstruation cycle and have decided to go for reusable pads, you ...
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Menstrual hygiene campaign launched

Event to promote concept among school-going adolescent girls, women in rural and urban segmentsA menstrual hygiene campaign was launched in ...
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Mrs India parades for menstrual hygiene

CHENNAI: Gramalaya, a three-decade-old Tiruchy-based NGO announced Sneha Shergill, Mrs India — The Queen of Substance 2016 as its brand ...
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NGO pushes for cloth pads

A local NGO has taken the onus upon themselves to address and help solve the difficulties in Menstrual Hygiene Management ...
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Tiruchy NGO introduces reusable cloth pads for women in Vellore

Vellore: The students were surprised when four women employees of Tiruchy NGO Gramalaya extolled the advantages of using reusable cloth pads ...
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Top 10 Brands That Make Eco-friendly Sanitary Pads

Top 10 Brands That Make Eco-friendly Sanitary Pads Sustainability is holistic, and in today’s day and age eco-friendly sanitary napkins ...
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